Vaginal Erbium Laser™ Academy

Second International Focus Meeting

Data: 25/26 novembre 2016

Luogo: Pisa, Hotel Galilei 

Scientific Secretariat: M. Cervigni (Italy), M. Gambacciani (Italy)


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Venerdì 25 novembre

09:00 – 11:00 Laser School c/o Casa di Cura San Rossore* 
11:30 – 12:30 Meeting of the Italian Laser Academy
12:00 International Delegates Registration – Welcome Lunch

Opening Session: The State of the Art 
Chairmen: M. Brincat, A. Gadducci 
13:00 The Pelvic Floor Structure and Functions – T. Simoncini 
13:20 Menopause, Aging and Collagen Changes – M. Brincat
13:40 The Urinary Incontinence in women – M. Cervigni
14:00 The Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause – S. Palacios 
14:20 The Female Sexual Health – A. Graziottin
14:40 Discussion
15:00 Coffee Break 

First Session: The VELTM: The State of the Art 
Chairmen: G.L. Bracco, S. Palacios
15:30 Vaginal Tightening – J. Gaviria 
15:50 The Long term effects of VELTM on SUI and POP – Urska Ogrinc-Bizjak, S. Sencar
16:10 Can we predict the VELTM effects on Stress Urinary Incontinence? – I. Fistonic
16:30 The intraurethral laser for the management of GSM and Type III SUI – A. Gaspar
16:50 Laser Thermotherapy for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause – M. Gambacciani 
17:10 Discussion
19:30 Welcome cocktail and dinner 
18:00 Discussione


Sabato 26 novembre

Second Session: New perspectives in VELTM 
Chairmen: M. Brincat, N. Panay
09:00 The Robotic Probe – Z. Vizintin
09:30 LIVE SESSION – J. Gaviria, M. Gambacciani
10:30 The Intrauretral probe – Z. Vizintin
11:00 LIVE SESSION – M. Cervigni, M. Gambacciani, A. Gaspar
12:00 Discussion
12:00 Closing Remarks
13:00 Farewell Lunch


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