The 3rd World Congress of the International Society for Fertility Preservation (ISFP)

Data: 7/9-11-2013
Luogo: Valencia, Spain

We invite you to take part in The 3rd World Congress on the International Society for Fertility Preservation (ISFP) which will take place in Valencia, Spain on November 7-9, 2013. Fertility preservation is a substantial quality of life issue for young cancer survivors. As a consequence, the demand for fertility preservation has dramatically increased. The aim of the Congress is to update current scientific and clinical development of fertility preservation strategies.

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Main Topics

  • Cancer-induced changes in the gonads and gametes
  • Mechanisms of chemotherapy-induced loss of follicles
  • Current methods of fertility preservation
  • Diminishing ischemia in ovarian tissue transplantation
  • Activation of dormant ovarian follicles
  • Ovarian stem cells
  • Value of GnRH agonists to prevent follicular depletion
  • Tissue engeneering
  • The role of in vitro maturation of oocytes
  • In vitro follicular growth



Sponsorship and Exhibition Contact
53, Rothschild Boulevard, PO Box 68
Tel Aviv, 61000, Israel
Tel: +972 3 5666166
Fax: +972 3 5666177

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