SMFM 35th Annual Meeting – The Pregnancy Meeting

SMFM 35th Annual Meeting – The Pregnancy Meeting

Data: 2/7-2-2015

Luogo: San Diego (CA), Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Program Chair: Andrew Helfgott  

Day 1 – MONDAY: Feb. 2, 2015

  1. OB Controversies / Debates (8am – 5pm) Course Directors: Baha Sibai  and Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman
  2. Ultrasound for the MFM (8am – 5pm) Course Directors: Josh Copel and Helen Feltovich
  3.  Placenta Accreta (1pm – 5pm)  Course Directors: Bob Silver and Deirdre Lyell

Day 2 – TUESDAY: Feb. 3, 2015

  1. Critical Care (8am – 5pm) Course Directors: Stephanie Martin and Lauren Plante
  2. Genetics for the MFM (8am – 5pm) Course Directors: Mary Norton and Britton Rink
  3. Simulation #1 (8am- 12pm) Course Directors: Brian Brost and Joshua Nitsche
  4. Clinical Dilemmas: What the literature can and cannot tell us  (8am – 12pm) Course Directors: Allison Cahill and Katie Laughon Grantz
  5. Running an Efficient and Profitable Practice in the Era of Value Based Medicine and the ACA (8am – 4:45pm)  Course Directors: Brian Iriye and Thomas Lee
  6. MFM Fellowship Directors Workshop (1pm-5pm) Leader:  Bill Grobman

Day 3 – WEDNESDAY: Feb. 4, 2015

  1. Medical Complications of Pregnancy (8am – 3pm)  Course Directors: Ware Branch and Torri Metz
  2. Infections in Pregnancy (8am – 3pm)  Course Directors: Phil Heine and Brenna Anderson Hughes
  3. Debates in Fetal  Intervention (8am – 12pm)  Course Directors: Henry Galan and Ramesha Papanna
  4. Practical Obstetric Critical Care – Hands-On Simulation Course (8am – 12pm)  Course Directors:  Shad Deering and Jason Vaught
  5. Advances in First Trimester Risk Assessment (presented by the Perinatal Quality Foundation)  (8am – 12pm) Course Directors:  Jim Goldberg and Jean Lea Spitz

Program Committee:
Andy Helfgott – Program Chair Sean Blackwell – Poster Chair Bob Silver – Postgraduate Course Chair Joanne Stone – Scientific Forum Chair Robert Resnik – Local Arrangements Chair Scientific Society 409 12th Street, SW. Washington, DC 20024 Phone: 202/863-2476 / Fax: 202/554-1132

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