Paradigm Shifts in Gynecologic Oncology

Paradigm shifts in gynecologic oncology-1Data: 24 – 25 giugno 2021

Luogo: Varese, Ville Ponti

Learning with friends



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Over the last years, some publications in the oncologic field dramatically impacted the management of gynecological cancers. In this context, we wanted to organize an event to share the results of the most significant studies, which somehow represented a paradigm shift in uterine, cervical, and ovarian cancers.

The primary objective of this one-day conference is to give a chance to the attendances to understand the meaning of working in teams and learning from mentors and friends. High-level national and international speakers will share their expertise and provide inspiring talks with unique insights.

The proposed topics will be presented with reference to evidence-based medicine, national and international guidelines. The interactive sessions will give the opportunity to question leading experts and be inspired by best practices from other countries. The conference arguments will be of great interest not only to gynecologic oncologists but also to pathologists, general gynecologists, nurses, and physicians in training.




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