One day – International meeting on HPV Diseases and Pregnancy

Data: 11-3-2016
Luogo: Roma, Hotel Villa Maria Regina

Course directors: Antonio Frega – Cesare Gentili 



Dear All,

Seeing the enormous success of the 2015 event in Rome we have decided to take up a new challenge and with great pleasure we would like to inform you of our new international event next year in Rome.
This time we have decided to focus our attention on a very specific and limited area which is very often overlooked or marginalised in conferences, namely, CIN and pregnancy. The topics will deal with both the various aspects of HPV disease during pregnancy and also the implications that the treatment of CIN may have on future pregnancies as you can see in the topic list which is the main subjects of the day.
As usual we will bring together an international faculty with the leading experts on this narrow field and we will also be giving a lot of time and space in the programme for discussion and free communications. We think this will be a highly informative and interesting event.
This will be a one-day event held in Rome on Friday 11th March 2016 and further information and details can be found on this website.

Best Regards
Cesare Gentili and Antonio Frega


Programma Scientifico

Epidemiology, prevention and diagnosis
Chairpersons: A. Frega, C. Gentili
9.00 – 9.20 Epidemiology of CIN and cervical cancer M. Arbyn
9.20 – 9.40 Diffi culties in cytologic diagnosis G. Negri
9.40 – 10.00 Main colposcopic features and differential diagnosis F. Sopracordevole
10.00 – 10.20 Italian and European guidelines in the management of an abnormal Pap test and an HPV HR positive during pregnancy L. Mariani
10.20 – 10.30 Discussion
10.30 – 11.00 Break

Chairpersons: M. Fambrini, F. Mazzuca
11.00 – 11. 20 CIN: when to wait and when to treat W. Prendiville
11.20 – 11.40 Carcinoma of the cervix: until when should a conservative approach be used? R. De Vincenzo
11.40 – 11.50 Discussion
11.50 – 13.10 Free communications
Chairpersons: M. Kyrgiou, D. French, G. Petricone
13.00 – 14.30 Lunch

Preterm delivery: risk factors, recommendations and treatment options
Chairpersons: A. Lukic, P. Scirpa
14.30 – 14.50 How can we personalize management of women with abnormalities at screening to minimise pregnancy associated morbidity E. Paraskevadis
14.50 – 15.10 Reproductive morbidity after surgical treatment for cervical pre-invasive and early invasive disease M. Kyrgiou
15.10 – 15.30 Recommendations and treatment options to reduce preterm birth F. Torcia
15.30 – 15.40 Discussion

Other issues related to pregnancy
Chairpersons: F. Boselli, S. Votano
15.40 – 16.00 Viral infections A. Biamonti
16.00 – 16.20 Bacterial infections R. Di Iorio
16.20 – 16.40 Management of CIN post delivery A. Ciavattini
16.40 – 17.00 IVF and treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia D. Caserta
17.00 – 17.20 Informed consent and legal issues V. Fineschi
17.20 – 17.30 Discussion
17.30 Awarding of prize for the best free communication
17.45 CME test and conclusions


M. Arbyn, R. De Vincenzo, D. French, M. Kyrgiou, A. Lukic, E. Paraskevadis, W. Prendiville

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Via Sassonia, 30 – 47922 Rimini
Tel. 0541.305873 – Fax 0541.305842

Congress Venue
Hotel Villa Maria Regina
Via della Camilluccia, 687 – Rome

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