NRG Oncology SemiAnnual Meeting

NRG Oncology SemiAnnual Meeting
Data: 5/8-2-2015
Luogo: San Diego (CA), Manchester Grand Hyatt  

The GOG Foundation, Inc. will have a winter 2015 Educational Symposium titled “Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer – Clinical Considerations and Research Opportunities” with noted Oncologists and Scientists serving as speakers and moderators. The targeted audiences are members and non‐members of the NRG research teams to include: Gynecologic Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Pathologists, and other MDs engaged in oncology research and/or clinical practice; Oncology Nurses, Nurse‐practitioners, and other interested Allied Health professionals. The speakers will focus their presentations on evidence regarding NACT in advanced ovarian cancer, how to more formally assess medical and functional status and resectability when making a decision regarding NACT versus primary debulking in a patient with presumed advanced ovarian cancer. Lastly, speakers will discuss ongoing trials incorporating assessment of novel targeted agents in NACT clinical trials currently in development.
1. To recognize the current evidence regarding NACT in advanced ovarian cancer.
2. To apply current strategies to assess functional status and co-morbidities in patients with advanced ovarian cancer and utilize this information to inform decision regarding NACT or primary debulking in advanced ovarian cancer.
3. To outline the evidence regarding how various imaging and biomarker strategies can be utilizes to inform decision regarding NACT or primary debulking in advanced ovarian cancer.
4. To explain how future trials incorporating NACT strategies can be utilized to identify key biologic processes in ovarian cancer and how targeted therapeutics might affect these processes.  
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