International Congress on Integrated Imaging in Obstetrics and Gynecology

 Data: 12/13-02-2015
Luogo: Palermo, San Paolo Palace Hotel

G. Cali, M. Midiri
Honorary president: L. Alio, R. Lagalla
Scientific coordinators: N. Chianchiano, M. Galia, F. Labate, G. Lo Re
Scientific secretariat: F. Forlani, D. Picone, A. Spata, P. Tornabene  

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Thursday, February 12th 2105
I Session

Echography and MRI in Obstetrics: which roles and which synergies Chest Anomalies in neuronal migration Neural tube Placent II Session Focusing on actuality … looking at the future … Ultrasound and Magnetic resonance imaging in case of placenta accreta: surgical correlation NTD: New frontieres in prenatal diagnosis Focusing on Corpus Callosum Diagframatic hernia therapy: New perspective Open fetal spina bifida repair Lectio Magistralis: History of neurosonography Thirty years of SIEOG history


Friday, February 13th 2105
III Session

New perspective of imaging in gynecology and obstetrics Interventional Radiology Post-partum hemorrhage and anomalies of placental implantation Uterine Myomas Lectio Magistralis: MRg FUS. state of the art and perspective


IV Session

Echography and RMI in Gynecology: which roles and which synergies Adnexal Pathology Deep Pelvic endometriosis Pelvic Floor  


Organizing secretariat Borgi Group srl Via F. Cordova, 95 – 90143 Palermo Tel. 091 306887 – Fax 091 8420141  

Conference Venue San Paolo Palace Hotel Palermo

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