Data: 14 dicembre 2018

Luogo: Milano, European Institute of Oncology – Aula Magna Leonardo la Pietra

Delving into known and unknown aspects of advanced ovarian cancer

Scientific Director: Nicoletta Colombo



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Scientific Committee

Nicoletta Colombo, Director, Program Gynecologic Oncology, IEO, Milan
Angelo Maggioni, Director, Division of Gynaecology, IEO, Milan
Giovanni Aletti, Innovative Therapeutic Strategies in Ovarian Cancer Unit, IEO, Milan
Vanna Zanagnolo, Director, Mini-invasive and Robotic Gynecologic Cancer Surgery Unit, IEO, Milan
Fedro Peccatori, Director, Procreation and Fertility Unit, IEO, Milan




Ovarian cancer (OC) remains the leading cause of death for gynecologic malignancies in developed countries. Across different studies, the absolute benefit from care at high-volume centers exceeds the benefit from break-through treatments. Numerous studies suggest that the management of OC pts by gynaecologic oncologists in cancer centers results in improved clinical and economic outcomes.

Based on these premises , in 2008 we opened the Ovarian Cancer Center at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO-OCC) mirrowing a similar initiative founded by Robert Bristow at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The mission of IEO-OCC was to provide a unique example in Italy of clinical care for patients with ovarian cancer. The main principles were a strong collaboration between experts to assure a multidisciplinary approach for research, prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer. The principal objectives were to improve early diagnosis, survival and quality of life of patients with ovarian cancer and simultaneously to increase the opportunities for additional clinical research projects. We also wanted to enhance awareness of ovarian cancer regarding the importance of prevention and the benefits of centralized expert care for advanced cases.

The multidisciplinary approach represents the distinctive element of the IEO-OCC to guarantee the continuity of care in the complex therapeutics journey of ovarian cancer patients.

To commemorate the 10 year anniversary of IEO-OCC we decided to hold a meeting on December 14, 2018, not only to review the main improvements achieved by the scientific community during the past 10 years, but particularly to identify new perspectives and challenges for the future.

The program will include key-note lectures from national and international experts in the field, followed by round tables with invited participants which will allow large time for discussion.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the important issue of centralization of care, with invited international speakers who will tell us about the successful experiences in their countries on this crucial aspect. A “photography” of Italian ovarian cancer patients and where they received their treatment will be instrumental to the following discussion which will see the participation of political authorities, national societies presidents and advocacy group representatives.

The final objective will be to formulate concrete propositions to improve the access to quality care for the majority of patients with ovarian cancer.



Online Registration

The attendance to the Conference is free of charge and it is limited to 200 participants.
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Organizing Secretariat

MZ Congressi srl
Via C. Farini 81 – 20159 Milano
Tel. 02 66802323 – E


Meeting venue

Aula Magna Leonardo la Pietra – Building 1
European Institute of Oncology
Via Ripamonti 435 – 20141 Milano

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