HPV Related Diseases: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies

HPV Related Diseases: Diagnostic and Therapeutic StrategiesData: 28 novembre 2019

Luogo: Roma, Centro Congressi Multimediale IFO

Presidenti: Silverio Tomao – Aldo Venuti – Patrizia Vici – Enrico Vizza

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  • Epidemiology of HPV infection. Is something changing?
  • The origin and evolution of papillomavirus (onco)genes and genomes
  • HPV 16 E5 oncoprotein expression in different stages of carcinogenesis
  • Human papillomavirus genotypes in cervical and other HPV-related tumors
  • Expanding HPV genotyping for improving cervical screening
  • HPV DNA assays as primary screening methodology for cervical cancer prevention
  • Randomised implementation of gender-neutral
  • HPV vaccination and infrequent screening of vaccinated women in Finland
  • HPV vaccination: the ESGO-EFC position
  • HPV infection in HIV patients
  • HPV prevalence and preventive strategies in developing countries
  • HPV self-sampling in CIN2+ detection
  • Triage strategies for the management of HPV-positive women in cervical screening programs
  • Mediterraean Task force for Cancer Control: an evergreen commitment in fighting cancer
  • The Luciano’s idea: an HPV Unit for improving effectiveness increasing multidisciplinary approach




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