Functional and Fertility Sparing Procedures in Gynaecology

Functional and Fertility Sparing Procedures in GynaecologyData: 20 – 21 febbraio 2020

Luogo: Bologna, Palazzo Re Enzo

CO-Presidents of the meeting: Renato Seracchioli, Valentino Remorgida, Errico Zupi




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The reproductive system and the pelvic organs can face, even in young or fertile age, a series of pathologies that can alter or limit their functions. The management of young patients with early diagnosed gynaecologic cancer or severe pelvic disease who wish to become pregnant is a major challenge, especially as the number of survivors of young reproductive cancer is rising. This is due both to the increase in the incidence of gynaecological cancer in young patients and to the increasing age in which women seek the first pregnancy.
Moreover, severe and widespread benign diseases, typical of the fertile age, such as severe forms of endometriosis and some uterine pathologies may endanger functional and reproductive integrity.
The organs contained in the pelvis are regulated by extremely delicate mechanisms that can be damaged not only by various diseases, but also by medical or surgical procedures that do not respect the different functional characteristics. Just think of the low tract urinary system functions, the procedures that regulates defecation, the mechanisms of sexual functions, the delicate processes that allow the fertilization of the oocytes and the implantation of embryos.
The conflict between treatments for the preservation of functions of the pelvic organs and fertility and any radical intervention in many cases involves great medical and ethical dilemmas.
This meeting aims to provide the most recent update on the mechanisms of regulation the function of female pelvic organs and on the procedures of functional and fertility saving in cases of benign and malignant diseases.

Co-Presidents of the Meeting
Renato Seracchioli – Valentino Remorgida – Errico Zupi




The Meeting is free to attend. For more information and to register please visit the following website: and App Fondazione Menarini.




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