Endometriosis 2020

Data: 26 – endometriosis 202029 aprile 2020

Luogo: Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica

President: Mario Malzoni
Honorary Presidents: Mauricio Abrao, Leila Adamyan, Giovanni Scambia, Arnaud Wattiez
Local Committee: Lucia Casarella, Marina Coppola, Francesca Falcone, Fabio Imperato, Domenico Iuzzolino, Pierfrancesco Maggiora Vergano, Marianna Rasile


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Pushing knowledge. Breaking limits.

Following the echo of Endometriosis2017, it’s a pleasure and honor to announce our next meeting Endometriosis2020, to be held on 26th-29th April 2020 in the fascinating atmosphere of the eternal city, Rome. Renzo Piano’s creation Auditorium Parco della Musica, a vital part of cultural international landscape, will open its doors to science. In line with our previous event, the upcoming Endometriosis2020 will reserve a central role to live surgical laparoscopic marathon performed by leading worldwide experts, with special focus on surgical anatomy and neuropelveology for their crucial role on a such complex issue. New devices and techniques will be showed, thus being also an update opportunity according last developments from medical industry. Great surgeons on stage and that’s not all. We strongly believe in education and in the need of practical appraisal for increasing surgical learning curve, so the days immediately before will be dedicated to hands on laparoscopic course: Gladiators back home. Furthermore main sessions and symposia will be dedicated to advanced diagnostic techniques (lectures and live sessions), medical treatment options and reproductive issues, which play a key role in both presurgical and conservative management of patients affected by this benign but often devastating disease. Four days of intensive scientific activity to share and compare the experiences from main international referral centers and opinion leaders. We promise all our efforts and passion to make the event great, Rome’s magnificence will do the rest.

Mario Malzoni



Segreteria organizzativa

Via Flaminia Vecchia, 508 – 00191 Roma
tel. +39 0636304489 | fax +39 0697603411
www.endometriosis2020.com – endometriosis2020@bluevents.it




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