Endometriosis 2017

Data: 14/16 settembre 2017


From diagnosis to medical and surgical management: a stocktaking international experts’ meeting


Luogo: Napoli, Castel dell’Ovo

President: Mario Malzoni – Italy

Honorary Presidents: Mauricio Abrao (Brazil), Harry Reich (USA), Arnaud Wattiez (France)



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Sabato 16 settembre 2017, dalle ore 17.00 alle ore 19.30 presso Castel dell’Ovo a Napoli, a margine del Congresso Mondiale ENDOMETRIOSIS2017, in cui i maggiori specialisti mondiali si confronteranno sugli aspetti dell’Endometriosi, è previsto un incontro tra pazienti, medici e rappresentanti di alcune tra le più importanti Associazioni che si occupano di questa patologia per condividere le reciproche esperienze.
Questa sessione mira a migliorare i canali di cooperazione e comunicazione tra le organizzazioni e gli operatori coinvolti sul tema dell’endometriosi sia a livello nazionale che internazionale.
Una preziosa occasione di confronto che vedrà le pazienti parte attiva nel dibattito pubblico sulle tematiche affrontate:
dalla diagnosi al trattamento chirurgico e medico con particolare riguardo all’infertilità.

La partecipazione è gratuita previa registrazione tramite apposito modulo sul sito: www.endometriosis2017.com
Vi aspettiamo a Napoli nella splendida cornice di Castel dell’Ovo.



Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It is our pleasure and honour to announce the upcoming Congress Endometriosis 2017 from diagnosis to medical and surgical management: a stocktaking international experts’ meeting, that will be held in Naples (Italy) from September 14th to September 16th, 2017.
We are all aware that nowadays endometriosis is probably the most challenging among gynecological benign diseases, in terms of epidemiologic spread and impact on women’s quality of life. The management of these patients is still characterized by several critical points.
This congress will be a great opportunity to present and discuss the latest developments related to endometriosis disease. Our field is constantly advancing and sometimes is challenging to follow.
Our aim is to provide a comprehensive update on the overall management of this disease, from diagnosis to clinical and surgical treatment, with special attention to the reproductive outcome.
With this aim, we have made every effort to involve in our International Faculty the top experts in this area, in order to offer the participants a great opportunity of scientific and professional advancement.

We are convinced that the best management of patient affected by endometriosis may arise from the creation of a specialized net of referral centers for diagnosis and treatment and at this aim a complete knowledge of the disease is crucial for any clinician facing it in his daily practice, in order to make the best possible use of advancing science to improve the care of patients.

We built the scientific program in order to offer lectures on the main topics and live surgery and ultrasound sessions with interactive debates to show their practical application, so that, at the end of the Congress, participants are expected to have detailed comprehension of the anatomical knowledge and surgical skills needed to correctly perform endoscopic surgery of endometriosis, ultrasound exam requirements to perform an accurate mapping of the lesions, information about other imaging techniques appropriate for presurgical evaluation of patients, correct principles of medical treatment and management of infertile patients with endometriosis.

The advancement of knowledge about endometriosis disease and the diffusion of good clinical practice in patients’care is our final goal, and your contribution is the key to this purpose.

So that, come and join the Endometriosis2017 Congress and help us to shape the future of this challenge.

Sincerely, Mario MALZONI



Main Topics

  • Detailed descripon of female pelvic surgical anatomy
  • Detailed anatomical evaluaon of pelvic endometriosis, special focus on Deep Infiltrang Endometriosis (DIE) locations
  • Imaging techniques for pelvic endometriosis diagnosis
  • Detailed description of surgical endoscopic techniques for DIE treatment
  • Medical treatment options
  • Endometriosis and reproductive outcome
  • Proper indications to surgical, medical and/or ART treatments 


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