3rd Edition Preeclampsia

 Data: 16-09-2016

Luogo: Verona, Palazzo della Gran Guardia

Congress Presidents: Marco Scioscia, Marcello Ceccaroni

Honorary President: Christopher W. Redman preeclampsiaverona.com  

This third edition of the meeting will explore the research world of preeclampsia moving from epidemiology to clinical practice, going through evolutionistic theories, physiopathological aspects that occur in the placenta, in the mother, and in the fetus. Specific sections are related to primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of the disease in order to help clinicians in daily practice. This course is expected to be attended not only by clinicians and researchers with interest in the field but also by fellows/trainees in Ob/Gyn, midwifes and nurses.

Marco Scioscia, Marcello Ceccaroni, Congress Presidents Christopher W. Redman, Honorary President    08:30 Welcome Reception & Registration

I SESSION_Massimo Franchi, Rosario D’Anna

09:00 Opening Welcome and Introduction – Marco Scioscia, Marcello Ceccaroni
09:30 Early and Late Onset Preeclampsia: two sides of the same coin – Christopher W. Redman
09:50 Maternal and placental preeclampsia. Physiopatological and geographical differences – Pierre-Yves Robillard
10:10 The evolutionary origins of preeclampsia – Michael Elliot
10:30 The trophoblast invasion story part 2: the two wave dogma – Fiona Lyall
10:50 Do decidual NK cells remember pregnancy? – Debra Goldman-Wool Discussion

11:10 Coffee break

II SESSION_Debora Balestreri, NIcola Rizzo

11:40 How to silence the silent killer of mums and babies – Asif Ahmed
12:00 Placental extracellular vesicles and the maternal syndrome of pre-eclampsia – Ian Sargent
12:20 Immune modulation in preeclampsia – lessons from the animal model – Ralf Dechend
12:40 Imaging studies to predict placental insufficiency and fetal neurodevelopment – Guillermina Girardi
13:00 Is there a programming effect of hypertensive complications during pregnancy? Possible late effects of pre-eclampsia on both the mother and the neonate – Sicco A. Scherjon Discussion

III SESSION_Pantaleo Grego, Herbert Valensise

13.00 Lunch

14:30 Predictive markers for preeclampsia: Measurements versus presumptions – Berthold F. Huppertz
14:50 Diabetes and preeclampsia – Moshe Hod
15:10 Metabolic syndrome in preeclampsia – Marco Scioscia
15:30 Total vascular resistances as a target for the treatment of hypertension, preeclampsia and IUGR – Barbara Vasapollo
15:50 Eclampsia – Herbert Valensise Discussion

IV SESSION_Tullio Ghi, Andrea Lojacono

16:10 Coffee Break

16:30 Dietary supplements and drugs for preeclampsia prophylaxis – Fabio Facchinetti
16:50 Combined screening for preeclampsia – Georgios Rembouskos
17:10 Validation of predictive models for preeclampsia – Federico Prefumo
17:30 Fetal monitoring in preeclampsia – Nicola Fratelli
17:50 Guidelines on preeclampsia: a comparison – Luca Marozio
18:10 Pre-eclampsia – Time to step back and rethink – James J. Walker Discussion
18:30 Conclusion – Christopher W. Redman    

Scientific Committee
Marco Scioscia, Marcello Ceccaroni, Congress Presidents
Christopher W. Redman, Honorary President 

Sante Burati, Mariella Musola, GiambertoTrivella
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Sacro Cuore Don Calabria General Hospital
Via Don A. Sempreboni, 5 Negrar, Verona – Italy

Organizing Secretariat
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Via Anfiteatro, 10 – 37121 Verona
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