2° Focus on Osteoporosi

Data: 23-24 febbraio 2018

Luogo: Roma, Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia

Honorary President: G. Scambia

Presidents: S. Lello, T. Simoncini


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February 23rd

First session
14.45 Presentation of workshop
15.00 Osteoporosis, frailty and risk of fracture – A. Cano (Valencia, Spain)
15.30 Managing the risk of fracture in the daily life at midlife and during aging – M. Rees (UK)
16.00 Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular disease: is there a link? – T. Simoncini (Pisa, Italy)
16.30 Coffee Break
16.45 Hormone Therapy, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, & TSEC – S. Lello (Rome, Italy)
17.15 Bisphosphonates – S. Giannini (Padua, Italy)
17.45 The inhibition of RANKL in the mana- gement of osteoporosis: Denosumab A. Capozzi (Rome, Italy)


February 24th

Second session
08.45 Introduction
09.00 Anabolic agents: Teriparatide; Abaloparatide – D. Gatti (Verona, Italy)
09.30 Anti-sclerostin antibodies in the management of osteoporosis – S. Minisola (Rome, Italy)
10.00 Vitamin D – S. Giannini (Padua, Italy)
10.30 Vitamin K2 – S. Lello (Rome, Italy), A. Capozzi (Rome, Italy)
11.00 Timing of prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis: the individualization of treatment – S. Palacios (Madrid, Spain)
12.30 Closing remarks and ECM questionnaire – S. Lello, T. Simoncini


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