1st European Workshop of the Italian Association of Gynecological Endocrinology (AIGE)

7th Albert Netter Days of the European Society of Gynecology

Data: 9/11 ottobre 2014
Luogo: Capri, Gran Hotel Quisisana

Chairman of the congress: Genazzani AR.

Website: www.netter2014.com


Vai al Programma Scientifico

Pelissier Clara (F) La chirurgie gynécologique sera-t-elle bientôt remplacée par las traitements médicaux, de la gynécologie médicale?

Genazzani Andrea R. (I) From wider knowledge in Gynecological and Reproductive Endocrinology to better cares for women health


Breast Cancer
Lesur Anne (F) Adjuvant Endocrine therapy for breast cancer: how long is enough?
Biglia Nicoletta (I) Menopausal symptoms after breast cancer: what can we do?



1. Estrogens and SERMS
Serfaty David (F) Evolution of estrogens in COCs
Simoncini Tommaso (I) Estrogen receptor signaling: undermining the basis of tissue selectivity
Foidart Jean Michel (B) Estetrol

2. Progesterone and SPRMS
Mueck Alfred (D) Progestogens: Which choice in HRT considering breast, endometrium and CVS?
Lello Stefano (I) The Role of Progestin in HRT
Bouchard Philippe (F) SPRMs beyond treatment of fibroids

3. Androgens and Sexuality
Lachowsky Michele (F) Animus and anima: androgens and femininity
Nappi Rossella (I) Modulation of sexual function by hormonal contraception: science or fiction?
Nappi Carmine (I) and Di Carlo Costantino (I): Androgen replacement therapy in post menopausal women
Bitzer Johannes (CH) Hypersexuality in women: is it the androgens ?

4. Assisted reproduction (part 1)
Barri Pedro (E) Management of luteal phase in IVF cycles
De Placido Giuseppe (I) Pharmacogenomic approach to COS: are we ready for clinical application?
Almeida Santos Theresa (PT) Markers of ovarian response to stimulation: state of the art
Artini Paolo (I) Oocyte quality in policystyc ovary syndrome after myo-inositol administration. A randomized study

5. Assisted Reproduction (part 2)
Palumbo Marco (I) Endometriosis and PMA
Colacurci Nicola (I) Novel biomarkers of oocyte quality and embryo vitality: what role for –omics technology?
Caserta Donatella (I) Environment and female reproductive health
Schenker Joseph (IL) Ethical and legal aspects of genetic material donation

6. Menstrual related disorders:
Benedetto Chiara (I) Menstrual Migraine
Studd John (UK) Reproductive Depression
Gaspard Ulysse (B) Treatment of unscheduled bleeding in women using combined hormonal contraception and IUDs
Bruni Vincenzina (I) From Dysmenorrhea to Endometriosis

7. Oncology:
Benedetti Panici Pierluigi (I) Lymphadenectomy in endometrial cancer: yes or no?
Cibula David (CZ) New paradigm of surgical treatment of advanced ovarian cancer
Gadducci Angiolo (I) Antiangiogenic agents in gynecological oncology
Pecorelli Sergio (I) New drugs in Oncology: what can we do to make them sustainable?


1. Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin sensitizers
Milewicz Andrzej (PL) Vit.D role in etiology of metabolic syndrome and insuline resistance
Genazzani Alessandro D. (I) PCOS as metabolic impaired disease
Skouby Sven (DK) Thrombogenic potential in women with PCOS: on the role of phenotype
Palomba Stefano (I) Fertility in patients with metabolic syndrome
Lanzone Antonio (I) Metabolic syndrome in pregnant women

2. From diagnosis to advanced therapy in High Risk Pregnancies
Calda Pavel (CZ) First trimester screening of pregnancy complications
Nisolle Michelle (B) The role of epigenetics and metabolomics in high risk pregnancy
Valensise Herbert (I) Metabolic and Placental preeclampsia: one name two diseases
Martinelli Pasquale (I) Management of PROM in early pregnancy
Tolino Achille (I) High Risk Pregnancy Management


Surgeon Breakfast 1
Zullo Fulvio (I) Prophylactic bilateral salpingectomy as a safe preventive strategy for ovarian cancer
Cela Vito (I) Single site robotic surgery
Creatsas George (GR) Creatsas vaginoplasty in women with vaginal aplasia
Adamyan Leila (RUS) Reconstrructive surgery in treatment of infertility

Surgeon Breakfast 2
Petignat Patrick (CH) Effect of training on laparoscopic surgery
Angioni Stefano (I) Actual role of surgery in the infertile women
Wattiez Arnaud (F) Endometriosis and Fertility: Techniques, Preservation and Outcomes
Pluchino Nicola (I) Effect of pelvic surgery on sexual function



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