1st European Congress on Intrapartum Care

Making Birth Safer

Data: 23/25-05-2013
Luogo: Amsterdam, De Meervaat Congress Centre
Honorary President: Sabaratnam Arulkumaran (UK)
President: Gerard Visser (Netherlands), Jason Gardosi (UK)
Website: www.intrapartumcareamsterdam2013.org

Welcome to ECIC 2013 – Making Birth Safer

The birth of a baby is a central event to human nature, and one that has a great impact on the life of women and their families. Remarkable progresses were made over the last century in the safety and comfort of human labour and birth, but this area has been receiving less attention in more recent times.
Care of the woman and fetus during labour involves several professionals groups, and many different arrangements to provide this service have been established across Europe, with little tradition for multiprofessional dialogue and exchange of ideas. However, there remains little doubt that teamwork, communication and a shared philosophy play a central role in the quality of care, as they do in many other areas of health.
Organised by the “Study Group on Fetal Monitoring” of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, and with the support of the European Midwives Association, the ECIC 2013 will be an exceptional opportunity for professionals to meet, share their ideas and experiences, and obtain updated information on key aspects of this area of healthcare.
We hope that you will be able to join us in the lovely city of Amsterdam in May 2013, and allow us to welcome you to this excellent event.

Website: www.intrapartumcareamsterdam2013.org


The main topics for the Congress are:

  1. FHR monitoring
  2. Physiology of labour
  3. Prevention of complications during labour
  4. Monitoring of intrapartum hypoxia
  5. Choices in labour and maternal satisfaction
  6. Intervention during labour
  7. New technologies in labour

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