18th World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility


Data: 24/27-10-2013
Luogo: Vienna, Austria
Hilton Vienna – Am Stadtpark1 – A-1030 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-717000
Website: www.congressmed.com

The Aims

The aims of the World Congress on Controversies in ObstetricsGynecology Infertility are:
  1. To promote excellence in the field of Gynecology & Infertility
  2. To bring to light through debates and discussions the current controversial issues in the field, and to come to aconsensus on them. This will be done using “Evidence Based Medicine” (EBM), and when sound evidence is lacking, through expert opinion.
  3. To bridge gaps between expansion of basic science and information and their consolidation into clinical practice
  4. To reach tangible agreements and practical consensus on the most current and controversial issues in the field
  5. To allow ample time for speakers and audience interaction, and to encourage discussion of new ideas with the principal elements derived from EBM and expert opinions
  6. To be the forum where general practitioners (GPs) can be updated at the highest level in all sub-disciplines of the profession
  7. To assist GPs in the understanding of the pressing clinical topics, technological advances, ethical and public health issues, standards of treatment, and medical solutions in the process of being developed


The Program

  • Controversial topics and debates
  • Cohesive and integrative sessions
  • Plenary sessions and round table discussions
  • Reaching consensus where possible
  • Internationally prominent speakers
  • 40% of the program devoted to discussion
  • CME-approved program
  • E-Posters


Preliminary Program

Timetable »
Infertility »
Gynecology I »
Gynecology II »
Fetomaternal »


COGI Secretariat:
20 Lincoln St., Floor 13 – Tel Aviv 67134 , Israel
Tel: +972 73 706 6950
Email: cogi@congressmed.com
Website: www.congressmed.com

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