16th World Congress on Human Reproduction

Data: 18/21-03-2015

Luogo: Berlin, Intercontinental Hotel

Website: www.humanrep2015.com

President International Academy of Human Reproduction: Joseph G. Schenker

President of the Congress:  Andreas D. Ebert

Scarica il Programma Scientifico  


Dear Colleagues,

The International Academy of Human Reproduction (IAHR) will host the next World Congress on Human Reproduction 2015 in Berlin. We invite you to mark the date, location and themes of this prestigious conference.
Starting in 1974 in Rio Janero, the IAHR has held successful World Congress every three years in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Australia.
IAHR Scientific Program Committee will put together a phenomenal program includes presentations by international experts on a range of subjects.
The Berlin Congress in 2015 will focus on state of the art and innovative topics, forward looking to the future of human reproduction. The scientific more specific themes will address the new challenges posed by globalization and new technologies. These, combined with more complex ethical, clinical, social norms, religious beliefs and costs are areas which clinicians and scientists must tackle on a daily basis.
Learning new skills has always been the Academy’s role and we shall intensify this in the 2015 Berlin Congress.
Today modern Berlin is the open-minded scientific and cultural “melting pot” of East and West Europe. Berlin is an exciting city of contrasts. Thousands of Restaurants, hundreds of theatres, operas, and museums are waiting for you. Every year, millions of people from all over the world are enjoying one of the most interesting cities of Europe.
Herzlich Willkommen in Berlin 2015!
Welcome to Berlin 2015!

Joseph G. Schenker
President International Academy of Human Reproduction

Andreas D. Ebert
President of the Congress


Scientific Secretariat
Joseph G. Schenker (IL)
Andreas D. Ebert (D)
Andrea R. Genazzani (IT)
Liselotte Mettler (DE)
John Sciarra (US)


Organizing Secretariat
Biomedical Technologies srl


Main Office and Accounting Department
Via P. Cugia 1 – 09129 Cagliari – Italy
T. +39 070340293 – F. +39 070307727

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