13th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology

Sexuology: body, mind and culture

Data: 25/28-05-2016

Luogo: Dubrovnik, Hotel Valamar Lacroma

Chiara Simonelli, President of the European Federation of Sexology
Goran Arbanas, President of the Local Organizing Committee

Scarica il programma

Dear EFS Members, Colleagues, and Friends, on behalf of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS) and the Croatian Association for Sex Therapy (CAST) it is a great honour to welcome you to the 13th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology in the beautiful town of Dubrovnik, from 25th to 28th of May, 2016. Sexology: body, mind and culture: this title was selected since sexology is a human experience that is truly influenced by our bodies, our mind and psychology, and also by our culture, values, religion, politics and attitudes. Therefore it is a truly multidisciplinary and multi-level area of research and clinical work. Therefore, following the EFS tradition, we invite all the professionals who work in the realm of sexology: psychologists, psychiatrists, urologists, gynaecologists, general practitioners, endocrinologists, educators, teachers, social workers, basic researchers, nurses and many, many others to be part of this endeavour. We will try hard to make the Congress the place where new and innovative approaches to both research and clinical work, and also sexual education and sexual rights, can be presented, heard and promoted. Therefore, we invite all of you who have something to say in regard to Sexology, to come and share your work with the scientific sexologists community; and all of you who want to hear and learn, to come and enjoy. Our Scientific Committee is working on a rich and outstanding program that soon will be available for you. The Congress will be held in Dubrovnik, town rich in history and beauty, clear blue sea and clear blue sky. The City is situated in the southern part of Croatia, the country with more than a thousand islands (1.185 islands and 4058 km of coastline, to be precise). So, you can enjoy not just the scientific and professional work at the Congress, but also relax from your everyday work in a beautiful natural and cultural context. We would like to invite you and welcome you to actively become a member of the great family of EFS, and share with us the beauty of dealing with sexuality and helping people being more happy and satisfied with their sexual lives.

Chiara Simonelli President of the European Federation of Sexology Goran Arbanas President of the Local Organizing Committee

European Federation of Sexology
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