12th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine

Data: 3/6-11-2015
Luogo: Madrid (Spain), Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid
Congress President: M. Sánchez Luna
Congress Co-President: A. Galindo Izquierdo wcpm2015.com  

Dear Colleagues and friends
On behalf of the World Association of Perinatal Medicine, we are pleased to invite you to joint us in Madrid, November 3rd-6th, 2015.
The city of Madrid wants to be your home during the 12th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine, where key opinion leaders, experts in maternal and neonatal medicine and delegates will share their knowledge and discuss the most exciting topics. The best clinical practice, research and teaching will all together join during a few days in our city to answer burning questions. Controversial topics will be discussed to better analyze our present knowledge but focus in building together the future of perinatal medicine in accordance with the scientific evolution.
We want to be the meeting place of different cultures, as Madrid has always been a place for friendship among towns and people. A global concept of health of the mother and her child will be the primary goal, not only focus on perinatology but on the entire family as a unit.
To open the knowledge and share to all who are involved in perinatal care is our mission, as having access to this knowledge is an obligation and a right. It’s time for innovation and evolution, and Madrid will be the best forum to ensure these.
We will do our best to ensure that your dreams, goals and expectations for this 12th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine are exceeded.
Congress President – M Sánchez Luna Congress Co-President – A Galindo Izquierdo




  • Mechanisms for premature labor and fetal injury.
  • Intra-uterine growth restriction: diagnosis, intra-uterine monitoring, timing of the delivery, and long-term follow-up.
  • Genomics in perinatal medicine .
  • Developmental origins of adult disease.
  • Infection and inflammation in the perinatal period.


  • Syncytial respiratory viral infection.
  • Viral infection (CMV, parvovirus, herpes virus, hepatitis, HIV).
  • Perinatal cardiology.
  • Perinatal neurology.
  • Newborn screening.
  • Vaccination in the perinatal period.
  • Home birth.
  • Maternal nutrition.
  • Neonatal nutrition and probiotics.
  • Preeclampsia: screening, risk assessment and prevention.
  • Fetal death.
  • Systems biology in pregnancy (sponsors microarray).
  • Systems biology in neonatology.
  • Cesarean delivery: perinatal consequences and long-term prognosis.
  • BPD.
  • Twins.
  • Oxygen and Preterm infant.
  • Translational research in perinatology.
  • Congenital Heart Disease Screening.


Technical Secretariat
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