10° Congress of the European Society of Gynecology

Data: 18/21-09-2013
Luogo: Bruxelles, Square Meeting Centre

Dr. David Serfaty, President of the European Society of Gynecology

Website: www.seg2013.com

“This Congress will be a platform for extensive exchanges about many aspects of the Women’s health, reproductive medicine and obstetrical complications. Plenary presentations and key note lectures will provide integrated and up to date comprehensive information about the recent therapeutic achievements, present knowledge in Gynecology and European medical Consensus.”

Scarica il Programma Scientifico

The Congress will be organized in Plenary Lectures, Debates, Meet the Expert and Plenary Sessions. Each session will include four or five speakers each presenting his scientific research in approximately 20 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion. Moreover, Special Sessions on Last Minute Hot Topics, Sponsored Symposia, Round Tables, Oral Presentations and Poster Sessions will be available.

Symposia Proposal

ESG Members and Scientific Societies operating in the field of gynecology may propose an entire symposium at their own cost, suggesting titles, presentations, speakers and chairmen. The Scientific Committee will examine the proposals for inclusion in the scientific programme with the possibility to include one extra speaker or a chairman of its choice. The deadline for submission is April 12th 2013 All plenary, oral and poster presentations of the Congress will be made available on-line.

Poster Session

The Poster Session will take place on September 20th from 18.00 to 20.00. Poster Authors should stand by their Posters for presentation and discussion. CME Accreditation The SEG 2013 scientific programme will be submitted for accreditation by UEMS

CME Accreditation

The SEG 2013 scientific programme will be submitted for accreditation by UEMS

Official Language

English and French are the official language of the Congress.

Organizing Secretariat:
Biomedical Technologies srl

Scientific Secretariat:
Marc Robbiano
Départment de Gynécologie Obstétrique CHR Citadelle 1
Boulevard du XIIème de Ligne
4000 Liège – Belgique
Tel +32 4 225 61 11
Fax +32 4 226 47 47
Email: marc.robbiano@chu.ulg.ac.be

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